January 2018

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Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) 

A WETT inspection is an important part of a home purchase, and an inspection condition should always be inserted into an agreement of purchase and sale where the home has a fireplace or a wood stove. (Wood Energy Technology Transfer), A typical building inspection will not be sufficient if the home has a fireplace or wood stove. Your insurance company will likely require a report and it will be easier insuring the property if one is complete. There is peace of mind knowing the unit is to code and There are different levels of inspections, level 1,2, 3.  For real estate purchases level one to start is suffice and the inspector would recommend if there is a need to have a different level complete.

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    How to Sell Your Home in Winter


    Thinking about home selling in the winter? Winter presents its own unique set of challenges. It is not the ideal time to put your home on the market if you live where it gets cold and rains or snows, primarily because bad weather doesn't make your home show well. However, there are steps you can take to brighten your home and make the showing pleasant and enjoyable for your buyers.

    1) Clear a Path

    • Continually shovel a path through the snow, especially if snowflakes are still falling.
    • Footprints on freshly fallen snow will turn to ice if the temperature is low enough, so scrape the walk.
    • Sprinkle a layer of sand over the sidewalk and steps to ensure your buyers' stable footing.
    • Remember to open
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